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ORF Gene Chromosome Start Coord Stop Coord Phenotype Spurious ORF Overlapping ORF Overlapping Spurious
YDR140W FYV9 IV 734131 734796 viable
CYGD description: similarity to probable methyltransferase S. pombe
SGD description1: biological_process unknown; description2: molecular_function unknown
YPD MitoP2 Saccharomyces Deletion Project

Growth Rates: Homozygous Diploid Pool
Time Course 1 Time Course 2 Homozygous Diploid: YDR140W
YPD0.577549 0.576930 click on image to enlarge
YPDGE0.478944 0.744067
YPG0.813944 0.787232
YPE0.807537 0.831787
YPL0.773671 0.795156
YPD.1DNP 0.666349
YPD.25DNP 0.664669
YPG.1DNP 0.718347
YPG.25DNP 0.800329
no. of probes2 2
tag measurements18 38
F-statistics31.340390 23.198958
-log(p-value)5.230937 9.471275
max. difference0.335000 0.254857

Growth Rates: Heterozygous Diploid Pool
Time Course 1 Time Course 2 Heterozygous Diploid: YDR140W
YPD1.060133 1.004829 click on image to enlarge
YPG1.024995 0.994549
YPD.1DNP 0.991523
YPD.25DNP 1.003667
YPG.1DNP 0.972490
YPG.25DNP 0.992403
no. of probes2 2
tag measurements22 26
F-statistics0.512682 6.387020
-log(p-value)0.138168 2.851185
max. difference0.060885 0.032339

No Proteomics Data
Mitochondrial Expression Data
2577.701619.60 2780.022403.59 -1.59-1.16
For ratio calculations, if value < 0, denotes negative inverse of ratio
probability of mitochondrial import: 0.0227

homology to bacterial protein weak similarity H.influenzae protoporphyrinogen oxidase (hemK) homolog

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