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ORF Gene Chromosome Start Coord Stop Coord Phenotype Spurious ORF Overlapping ORF Overlapping Spurious
YDL134C PPH21 IV 220771 219662 viable
CYGD description: protein ser/thr phosphatase PP2A-1
SGD description1: protein biosynthesis; description2: protein phosphatase type 2A
YPD MitoP2 Saccharomyces Deletion Project

Growth Rates: Homozygous Diploid Pool
Time Course 1 Time Course 2 Homozygous Diploid: YDL134C
YPD1.017051 1.014738 click on image to enlarge
YPDGE1.008704 1.011901
YPG1.016586 1.001269
YPE1.028233 1.009082
YPL1.020809 1.007550
YPD.1DNP 1.001188
YPD.25DNP 1.010300
YPG.1DNP 1.010262
YPG.25DNP 1.006806
no. of probes4 4
tag measurements44 76
F-statistics0.426369 1.185901
-log(p-value)0.103174 0.492395
max. difference0.019529 0.013550

Growth Rates: Heterozygous Diploid Pool
Time Course 1 Time Course 2 Heterozygous Diploid: YDL134C
YPD0.998655 1.013846 click on image to enlarge
YPG0.995533 1.016059
YPD.1DNP 1.018425
YPD.25DNP 1.014307
YPG.1DNP 1.008510
YPG.25DNP 1.010437
no. of probes4 4
tag measurements44 52
F-statistics0.355566 0.548295
-log(p-value)0.076553 0.131563
max. difference0.011616 0.009914

No Proteomics Data
Mitochondrial Expression Data
11033.8014845.37 12614.4914172.94 1.351.12
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