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ORF Gene Chromosome Start Coord Stop Coord Phenotype Spurious ORF Overlapping ORF Overlapping Spurious
YBR289W SNF5 II 779624 782341 viable
CYGD description: component of SWI/SNF transcription activator complex
SGD description1: chromatin modeling; description2: non-specific RNA polymerase II transcription factor
YPD MitoP2 Saccharomyces Deletion Project

Growth Rates: Homozygous Diploid Pool
Time Course 1 Time Course 2 Homozygous Diploid: YBR289W
YPD0.779958 0.872709 click on image to enlarge
YPDGE0.726896 0.769449
YPG0.720356 0.650160
YPE0.663657 0.711657
YPL0.777206 0.844017
YPD.1DNP 0.881742
YPD.25DNP 0.817821
YPG.1DNP 0.724905
YPG.25DNP 0.632714
no. of probes3 4
tag measurements28 53
F-statistics4.860582 6.582823
-log(p-value)2.176322 4.737116
max. difference0.116301 0.249028

Growth Rates: Heterozygous Diploid Pool
Time Course 1 Time Course 2 Heterozygous Diploid: YBR289W
YPD1.013914 0.984010 click on image to enlarge
YPG1.027040 0.996538
YPD.1DNP 0.991376
YPD.25DNP 0.987957
YPG.1DNP 1.002103
YPG.25DNP 0.988262
no. of probes4 4
tag measurements44 52
F-statistics1.449458 2.824875
-log(p-value)0.622513 1.560799
max. difference0.018609 0.018092

No Proteomics Data
Mitochondrial Expression Data
4286.966102.14 4303.075546.26 1.421.29
For ratio calculations, if value < 0, denotes negative inverse of ratio

CYGD carbohydrate metabolism functional catalog
CYGD regulation of carbohydrate utilization functional catalog
Mitoprot analysis of yeast genome
predicted length of signal peptide: 146
probability of mitochondrial import: 0.8600

Two-hybrid Database
Biomolecular Interaction Network Database
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