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ORF Gene Chromosome Start Coord Stop Coord Phenotype Spurious ORF Overlapping ORF Overlapping Spurious
YBL022C PIM1 II 181237 177836 viable
CYGD description: ATP-dependent protease, mitochondrial
SGD description1: heat shock response; description2: ATP-dependent peptidase
YPD MitoP2 Saccharomyces Deletion Project

Growth Rates: Homozygous Diploid Pool
Time Course 1 Time Course 2 Homozygous Diploid: YBL022C
YPD0.938628 0.963718 click on image to enlarge
YPDGE0.934988 0.964770
YPG1.039093 1.030648
YPE1.010259 0.970015
YPL1.051814 1.038650
YPD.1DNP 0.952159
YPD.25DNP 0.922950
YPG.1DNP 1.003717
YPG.25DNP 1.005200
no. of probes4 4
tag measurements44 76
F-statistics13.261667 43.200206
-log(p-value)5.948949 21.990978
max. difference0.116826 0.115700

Growth Rates: Heterozygous Diploid Pool
Time Course 1 Time Course 2 Heterozygous Diploid: YBL022C
YPD0.797692 0.785356 click on image to enlarge
YPG0.881796 0.563264
YPD.1DNP 0.841553
YPD.25DNP 0.770522
YPG.1DNP 0.507758
YPG.25DNP 0.498201
no. of probes2 2
tag measurements12 18
F-statistics12.588461 30.931540
-log(p-value)2.095342 5.047415
max. difference0.186367 0.343352

Proteomics Peptide Identifications
yplDG1me yplDG2me yplDG3me ypl01me ypl02me ypl14me ypl15me ypl01meFT ypl02meFT
01 00 00 00 0
yplDG1ma ypl01ma ypl02ma ypl14ma ypl15ma ypl01maFT ypl02maFT
26 40 03 2
ypd4me ypd13me ypd4ma ypd13ma
01 10
scl01me scl01meFT scl01ma scl01maFT
58 00
scd01me scd01meFT scd01ma scd01maFT
59 00

Mitochondrial Expression Data
8145.919398.74 7085.297311.47 1.151.03
For ratio calculations, if value < 0, denotes negative inverse of ratio

CYGD respiratory deficient phenotype catalog
CYGD carbohydrate utilization defect phenotype catalog
Mitoprot analysis of yeast genome
predicted length of signal peptide: 45
probability of mitochondrial import: 0.9998

homology to bacterial protein strong similarity to bacterial Lon protease
homology to R. prowazekii : CAA14907.1
R. prowazekii description: ATP-DEPENDENT PROTEASE LA (lon)
log10 R. prowazekii E-value: -123.000000

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