Slow Growth Candidates in the Yeast Deletion and Mitochondria (YDPM) Database
The number of ORFs found in the set = 236
ORF Gene Chromosome Start Coord Stop Coord CYGD description SGD description slow growth
YAL002W VPS8 I 143998 147528 vacuolar sorting protein, 134 kD yes
YAL010C MDM10 I 135663 134182 involved in mitochondrial morphology and inheritance mitochondrion inheritance yes
YAL013W DEP1 I 129268 130356 regulator of phospholipid metabolism phospholipid metabolism yes
YAL016W TPD3 I 124878 126785 ser/thr protein phosphatase 2A, regulatory chain A protein biosynthesis yes
YAL020C ATS1 I 114614 113613 alpha-tubulin suppressor microtubule-based process yes
YAL035W FUN12 I 76429 79437 general translation factor eIF2 homolog biological_process unknown yes
YAL047C SPC72 I 56859 54991 STU2P Interactant microtubule nucleation yes
YBL025W RRN10 II 171443 171880 RNA polymerase I-specific transcription initiation factor transcription from Pol I promoter yes
YBL027W RPL19B II 168385 169338 60S large subunit ribosomal protein L19.e protein biosynthesis yes
YBL058W SHP1 II 111398 112669 potential regulatory subunit for GLC7P sporulation (sensu Saccharomyces) yes
YBL079W NUP170 II 75253 79761 nuclear pore protein mRNA-nucleus export yes
YBL091C MAP2 II 48622 47357 methionine aminopeptidase, isoform 2 yes
YBR017C KAP104 II 273662 270906 beta-karyopherin yes
YBR073W RDH54 II 383069 385945 required for mitotic diploid-specific recombination and repair and meiosis meiosis yes
YBR081C SPT7 II 405209 401211 involved in alteration of transcription start site selection yes
YBR084C-A RPL19A II 415219 414144 protein biosynthesis yes
YBR158W CST13 II 556506 558155 weak similarity to TRCDSEMBL:AF176518_1 F-box protein FBL2; human biological_process unknown yes
YBR169C SSE2 II 575954 573873 heat shock protein of the HSP70 family protein folding yes
YBR179C FZO1 II 589072 586505 required for biogenesis of mitochondria mitochondrion organization and biogenesis yes
YBR189W RPS9B II 604466 605466 ribosomal protein S9.e.B protein biosynthesis yes
YBR212W NGR1 II 647844 649862 glucose-repressible RNA-binding protein biological_process unknown yes
YBR279W PAF1 II 761214 762551 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II regulator transcription yes
YCL043C PDI1 III 50221 48653 protein disulfide-isomerase precursor yes
YCR021C HSP30 III 157099 156101 heat shock protein stress response yes
YCR028C FEN2 III 172416 170878 similarity to allantoate permease transporter biological_process unknown yes
YCR034W FEN1 III 190584 191627 fatty acid elongase required for sphingolipid formation fatty acid biosynthesis yes
YCR047C BUD23 III 211537 210710 weak similarity to N-methyltransferases biological_process unknown yes
YCR063W BUD31 III 228310 228783 strong similarity to Xenopus G10 and human edg-2 protein biological_process unknown yes
YCR077C PAT1 III 252621 250231 topoisomerase II-associated protein yes
YCR088W ABP1 III 265061 266839 actin-binding protein establishment of cell polarity (sensu Saccharomyces) yes
YDL005C MED2 IV 442305 441010 transcriptional regulation mediator transcription from Pol II promoter yes
YDL040C NAT1 IV 381434 378870 protein N-acetyltransferase subunit protein acetylation yes
YDL047W SIT4 IV 369768 370703 ser/thr protein phosphatase G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle yes
YDL084W SUB2 IV 305236 306576 probably involved in pre-mRNA splicing lariat formation, 5'-splice site cleavage yes
YDL092W SRP14 IV 292780 293220 signal recognition particle subunit yes
YDL200C MGT1 IV 101122 100502 O6-methylguanine DNA repair methyltransferase yes
YDL207W GLE1 IV 88249 89865 RNA export mediator yes
YDR021W FAL1 IV 486799 487998 involved in maturation of 18S rRNA mRNA splicing yes
YDR028C REG1 IV 500874 497830 regulatory subunit for protein phosphatase GLC7P glycogen metabolism yes
YDR081C PDC2 IV 610075 607298 pyruvate decarboxylase regulatory protein vitamin B1 biosynthesis yes
YDR159W SAC3 IV 771870 775775 leucine permease transcriptional regulator mitosis yes
YDR174W HMO1 IV 812103 812843 Non-histone protein yes
YDR195W REF2 IV 848591 850192 RNA 3'-end formation protein yes
YDR207C UME6 IV 867514 865004 negative transcriptional regulator meiosis yes
YDR225W HTA1 IV 915521 915919 histone H2A yes
YDR226W ADK1 IV 916477 917145 adenylate kinase, cytosolic yes
YDR245W MNN10 IV 952791 953972 similarity to S.pombe galactosyltransferase actin filament organization yes
YDR251W PAM1 IV 960605 963097 coiled-coil protein multicopy suppressor of loss of PP2A pseudohyphal growth yes
YDR264C AKR1 IV 998314 996020 ankyrin repeat-containing protein endocytosis yes
YDR283C GCN2 IV 1030040 1025061 ser/thr protein kinase yes
YDR322C-A TIM11 IV 1112285 1111995 subunit E of the dimeric form of mitochondrial F1F0-ATPase ATP synthesis coupled proton transport yes
YDR323C PEP7 IV 1114019 1112472 vacuolar segregation protein non-selective vesicle fusion yes
YDR353W TRR1 IV 1183288 1184247 thioredoxin reductase (NADPH) yes
YDR390C UBA2 IV 1256836 1254926 E1-like (ubiquitin-activating) enzyme ubiquitin cycle yes
YDR427W RPN9 IV 1322194 1323375 subunit of the regulatory particle of the proteasome ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation yes
YDR457W TOM1 IV 1369779 1379585 E3 ubiqitin ligase required for G2/M transition polyubiquitylation yes
YDR495C VPS3 IV 1441153 1438118 vacuolar sorting protein yes
YEL003W GIM4 V 148227 148598 Gim complex component protein folding yes
YEL013W VAC8 V 128825 130561 required for vacuole inheritance and protein targeting from the cytoplasm to vacuole protein-vacuolar targeting yes
YEL019C MMS21 V 121301 120498 DNA repair protein DNA repair yes
YEL027W CUP5 V 100769 101251 H+-ATPase V0 domain 17 KD subunit, vacuolar endocytosis yes
YEL036C ANP1 V 84552 83050 required for protein glycosylation in the golgi protein glycosylation yes
YER016W BIM1 V 188276 189310 binding to microtubules microtubule nucleation yes
YER032W FIR1 V 214915 217692 interacts with the poly(A) polymerase in the two hybrid system mRNA polyadenylation yes
YER107C GLE2 V 374541 373444 required for nuclear pore complex structure and function mRNA-nucleus export yes
YER155C BEM2 V 482843 476340 GTPase-activating protein establishment of cell polarity (sensu Saccharomyces) yes
YER159C BUR6 V 491953 491525 functional homolog of human NC2alpha transcription yes
YFR002W NIC96 VI 150010 152529 nuclear pore protein mRNA-nucleus export yes
YFR004W RPN11 VI 153387 154307 26S proteasome regulatory subunit ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation yes
YFR019W FAB1 VI 184489 191325 phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate 5-kinase vacuole organization and biogenesis yes
YGL003C CDH1 VII 494169 492469 substrate-specific activator of APC-dependent proteolysis ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation yes
YGL058W RAD6 VII 393986 394504 E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation yes
YGL076C RPL7A VII 365994 364333 60S large subunit ribosomal protein L7.e.A protein biosynthesis yes
YGL078C DBP3 VII 361857 360286 putative RNA helicase required for pre-rRNA processing 35S primary transcript processing yes
YGL093W SPC105 VII 334884 337637 spindle pole body protein microtubule nucleation yes
YGL100W SEH1 VII 313232 314281 nuclear pore protein mRNA-nucleus export yes
YGL105W ARC1 VII 307435 308565 protein with specific affinity for G4 quadruplex nucleic acids yes
YGL135W RPL1B VII 254644 255297 60S large subunit ribosomal protein protein biosynthesis yes
YGL173C KEM1 VII 180117 175531 multifunctional nuclease 35S primary transcript processing yes
YGL189C RPS26A VII 148592 148233 40S small subunit ribosomal protein S26e.c7 protein biosynthesis yes
YGL255W ZRT1 VII 20978 22108 high-affinity zinc transport protein high-affinity zinc ion transport yes
YGR036C CAX4 VII 558862 558143 required for full levels of dolichol-linked oligosaccharides in the endoplasmic reticulum yes
YGR056W RSC1 VII 601655 604441 member of RSC complex, which remodels the structure of chromatin chromatin modeling yes
YGR063C SPT4 VII 617818 617510 transcription elongation protein transcription yes
YGR078C PAC10 VII 640365 639766 GIM4 - Gim complex component tubulin folding yes
YGR082W TOM20 VII 644038 644589 mitochondrial outer membrane import receptor subunit, 20 kD mitochondrial translocation yes
YGR105W VMA21 VII 698593 698826 ATPase assembly integral membrane protein vacuolar acidification yes
YGR167W CLC1 VII 832451 833152 clathrin light chain yes
YGR180C RNR4 VII 856296 855259 ribonucleotide reductase small subunit DNA replication yes
YGR214W RPS0A VII 920570 921783 40S ribosomal protein p40 homolog A protein biosynthesis yes
YGR217W CCH1 VII 924689 930808 calcium channel protein transport yes
YGR252W GCN5 VII 996865 998184 histone acetyltransferase yes
YGR262C BUD32 VII 1017756 1016971 weak similarity to protein kinases and M.jannaschii O-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase homolog biological_process unknown yes
YGR274C TAF145 VII 1043092 1039892 TFIID subunit (TBP-associated factor), 145 kD protein phosphorylation yes
YHL004W MRP4 VIII 99213 100397 ribosomal protein of the small subunit, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis yes
YHL011C PRS3 VIII 81611 80649 ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase histidine biosynthesis yes
YHL031C GOS1 VIII 39484 38813 SNARE protein of Golgi compartment non-selective vesicle fusion yes
YHL035C VIII 32754 27976 biological_process unknown yes
YHR002W VIII 108805 109878 similarity to bovine mitochondrial carrier protein/Grave's disease carrier protein biological_process unknown yes
YHR010W RPL27A VIII 126513 127484 60S large subunit ribosomal protein L27.e protein biosynthesis yes
YHR023W MYO1 VIII 151657 157443 myosin-1 isoform (type II myosin) heavy chain cytokinesis yes
YHR038W FIL1 VIII 184057 184749 Killed in Mutagen, sensitive to Diepoxybutane and/or Mitomycin C protein biosynthesis yes
YHR051W COX6 VIII 209697 210143 cytochrome-c oxidase subunit VI yes
YHR059W FYV4 VIII 220109 220501 Function required for Yeast Viability on toxin exposure biological_process unknown yes
YHR060W VMA22 VIII 220726 221271 vacuolar ATPase assembly protein vacuolar acidification yes
YHR064C PDR13 VIII 227244 225526 regulator protein involved in pleiotropic drug resistance yes
YHR067W VIII 230971 231813 weak similarity to PIR:T39292 hypothetical protein SPBC1105.15c S. pombe biological_process unknown yes
YHR068W DYS1 VIII 232134 233297 deoxyhypusine synthase yes
YHR084W STE12 VIII 274175 276241 transcriptional activator pseudohyphal growth yes
YHR098C SFB3 VIII 301936 299147 similarity to human hypothetical protein biological_process unknown yes
YHR101C BIG1 VIII 315970 314876 big cells phenotype yes
YHR120W MSH1 VIII 349576 352455 DNA mismatch repair protein, mitochondrial DNA repair yes
YHR137W ARO9 VIII 375710 377251 aromatic amino acid aminotransferase II yes
YHR168W VIII 440377 441876 similarity to GTP-binding proteins biological_process unknown yes
YHR174W ENO2 VIII 451325 452638 enolase II (2-phosphoglycerate dehydratase) glycolysis yes
YHR187W IKI1 VIII 480986 481915 confers sensitivity to killer toxin yes
YHR205W SCH9 VIII 509359 511833 strong similarity to S.pombe sck1 protein kinase yes
YIL061C SNP1 IX 245556 244654 U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein mRNA splicing yes
YIL118W RHO3 IX 139749 140444 establishment of cell polarity (sensu Saccharomyces) yes
YIL128W MET18 IX 113806 116904 involved in NER repair and RNA polymerase II transcription transcription from Pol II promoter yes
YIR009W MSL1 IX 374522 374857 strong similarity to small nuclear ribonucleoproteins mRNA splicing yes
YIR024C GIF1 IX 403488 402838 G1 Factor needed for normal G1 phase yes
YIR038C GTT1 IX 424510 423806 glutathione S-transferase glutathione metabolism yes
YJL001W PRE3 X 434855 435618 20S proteasome subunit (beta1) ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation yes
YJL004C SYS1 X 431892 431281 multi copy suppressor of YPT6 yes
YJL006C CTK2 X 423801 422830 carboxy-terminal domain (CTD) kinase, beta subunit protein phosphorylation yes
YJL061W NUP82 X 319712 321853 nuclear pore protein mRNA-nucleus export yes
YJL080C SCP160 X 288922 285254 required for maintenance of exact ploidy yes
YJL089W SIP4 X 265622 268111 interacts with SNF1 protein kinase yes
YJL091C X 262272 260776 weak similarity to human G protein-coupled receptor biological_process unknown yes
YJL101C GSH1 X 236053 234017 glutamate--cysteine ligase yes
YJL115W ASF1 X 195986 196825 anti-silencing protein transcription yes
YJL167W ERG20 X 105006 106064 farnesyl-pyrophosphate synthetase ergosterol biosynthesis yes
YJL174W KRE9 X 95089 95919 cell wall synthesis protein cell wall organization and biogenesis yes
YJL210W PEX2 X 36919 37734 peroxisomal assembly protein - peroxin peroxisome organization and biogenesis yes
YJR002W MPP10 X 438556 440337 component of the U3 small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein rRNA modification yes
YJR032W CPR7 X 490773 491954 member of the cyclophilin family biological_process unknown yes
YKL028W TFA1 XI 385396 386844 TFIIE subunit (transcription initiation factor), 66 kD transcription initiation from Pol II promoter yes
YKL056C XI 334557 334054 strong similarity to human IgE-dependent histamine-releasing factor biological_process unknown yes
YKL057C NUP120 XI 333611 330498 nuclear pore protein mRNA-nucleus export yes
YKL113C RAD27 XI 225518 224370 ssDNA endonuclease and 5'-3'exonuclease DNA repair yes
YKL117W SBA1 XI 219967 220617 Hsp90 (Ninety) Associated Co-chaperone protein folding yes
YKL122C SRP21 XI 212641 212138 signal recognition particle subunit yes
YKL139W CTK1 XI 182960 184546 carboxy-terminal domain (CTD) kinase, alpha subunit protein phosphorylation yes
YKL154W SRP102 XI 161603 162337 signal recognition particle receptor, beta chain yes
YKL181W PRS1 XI 107318 108601 ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase histidine biosynthesis yes
YKR024C DBP7 XI 487010 484782 RNA helicase required for 60S ribosomal subunit assembly 35S primary transcript processing yes
YKR082W NUP133 XI 592461 595934 nuclear pore protein mRNA-nucleus export yes
YLL050C COF1 XII 40413 39803 cofilin, actin binding and severing protein cell wall organization and biogenesis yes
YLL060C GTT2 XII 21839 21138 glutathione S-transferase glutathione metabolism yes
YLR048W RPS0B XII 242233 243350 40S ribosomal protein p40 homolog B protein biosynthesis yes
YLR075W RPL10 XII 282928 283593 60S large subunit ribosomal protein protein biosynthesis yes
YLR102C APC9 XII 343768 342971 subunit of the Anaphase Promoting Complex ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation yes
YLR200W YKE2 XII 549014 549358 Gim complex component yes
YLR223C IFH1 XII 585490 582233 pre-rRNA processing machinery control protein rRNA processing yes
YLR234W TOP3 XII 609783 611753 DNA topoisomerase III meiotic recombination yes
YLR244C MAP1 XII 626331 625168 methionine aminopeptidase, isoform 1 yes
YLR287C-A RPS30A XII 713158 712537 40S small subunit ribosomal protein protein biosynthesis yes
YLR319C BUD6 XII 771684 769318 bud site selection protein establishment of cell polarity (sensu Saccharomyces) yes
YLR337C VRP1 XII 805106 802653 verprolin actin filament organization yes
YLR342W FKS1 XII 809997 815627 1.3-beta-D-glucan synthase, catalytic subunit cell wall organization and biogenesis yes
YLR357W RSC2 XII 841330 843999 member of RSC complex, which remodels the structure of chromatin chromatin modeling yes
YLR369W SSQ1 XII 859551 861524 mitochondrial heat shock protein 70 DNA dependent DNA replication yes
YLR372W SUR4 XII 867353 868390 sterol isomerase, fatty acid elongase fatty acid biosynthesis yes
YLR399C BDF1 XII 921595 919535 sporulation protein sporulation (sensu Saccharomyces) yes
YLR403W SFP1 XII 925565 927616 zinc finger protein biological_process unknown yes
YML008C ERG6 XIII 252990 251839 S-adenosyl-methionine delta-24-sterol-c-methyltransferase ergosterol biosynthesis yes
YML035C AMD1 XIII 208860 206428 AMP deaminase yes
YML094W GIM5 XIII 82275 82849 Gim complex component protein folding yes
YML105C SEC65 XIII 58687 57866 signal recognition particle subunit SRP-dependent, co-translational membrane targeting, signal sequence recognition yes
YML112W CTK3 XIII 45063 45953 carboxy-terminal domain (CTD) kinase, gamma subunit protein phosphorylation yes
YML121W GTR1 XIII 26930 27862 GTP-binding protein phosphate transport yes
YMR021C MAC1 XIII 318417 317164 metal binding activator yes
YMR047C NUP116 XIII 366704 363363 nuclear pore protein mRNA-nucleus export yes
YMR116C ASC1 XIII 500687 499455 40S small subunit ribosomal protein yes
YMR154C RIM13 XIII 568181 565998 calpain-like cysteine protease yes
YMR216C SKY1 XIII 701038 698810 similarity to S.pombe dsk1, human SRPK1 and other protein kinases biological_process unknown yes
YMR223W UBP8 XIII 716714 718129 similarity to mouse deubiquitinating enzyme and UBP13P,UBP9.DOA4P deubiquitylation yes
YMR301C ATM1 XIII 869627 867555 ATP-binding cassette transporter protein, mitochondrial iron homeostasis yes
YMR304W UBP15 XIII 874987 878679 similarity to human ubiquitin-specific protease deubiquitylation yes
YMR308C PSE1 XIII 892221 888952 beta karyopherin yes
YNL001W DOM34 XIV 627453 628613 functions in protein translation to promote G1 progression and differentiation yes
YNL054W VAC7 XIV 526082 529579 vacuolar protein yes
YNL079C TPM1 XIV 479162 478563 tropomyosin 1 establishment of cell polarity (sensu Saccharomyces) yes
YNL112W DBP2 XIV 413636 416278 ATP-dependent RNA helicase of DEAD box family yes
YNL135C FPR1 XIV 372223 371879 peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase, FK506-binding protein biological_process unknown yes
YNL137C NAM9 XIV 370052 368592 ribosomal protein, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis yes
YNL153C GIM3 XIV 346055 345666 Gim complex component protein folding yes
YNL209W SSB2 XIV 252058 253899 heat shock protein of HSP70 family, cytosolic protein biosynthesis yes
YNL215W IES2 XIV 244467 245429 similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein biological_process unknown yes
YNL225C CNM67 XIV 224468 222723 involved in cytokinesis microtubule nucleation yes
YNL252C MRPL17 XIV 172285 171440 ribosomal protein of the large subunit (YmL30), mitochondrial protein biosynthesis yes
YNR010W CSE2 XIV 643741 644190 subunit of RNA polymerase II mediator complex transcription from Pol II promoter yes
YNR038W DBP6 XIV 695592 697481 RNA helicase required for 60S ribosomal subunit assembly 35S primary transcript processing yes
YOL021C DIS3 XV 285426 282421 3'->5' exoribonuclease required for 3' end formation of 5.8S rRNA 35S primary transcript processing yes
YOL022C XV 281498 280272 weak similarity to rat apoptosis protein RP-8 biological_process unknown yes
YOL030W XV 268187 269641 strong similarity to glycoprotein GAS1P biological_process unknown yes
YOL036W XV 256743 259028 weak similarity to YMR317w biological_process unknown yes
YOL049W GSH2 XV 238617 240092 Glutathione synthetase yes
YOL076W MDM20 XV 187023 189413 necessary for mitochondrial inheritance and organisation of the actin cytoskeleton cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis yes
YOL109W ZEO1 XV 110296 110637 weak similarity to G.hirsutum embryonic abundant protein D-7 yes
YOL148C SPT20 XV 47572 45758 member of the TBP class of SPT proteins that alter transcription site selection yes
YOR026W BUB3 XV 379780 380805 cell cycle arrest protein mitotic spindle checkpoint yes
YOR122C PFY1 XV 552886 552297 profilin osmotic response yes
YOR157C PUP1 XV 631750 630965 20S proteasome subunit (beta2) ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation yes
YOR160W MTR10 XV 633838 636756 involved in nuclear protein import yes
YOR204W DED1 XV 722910 724724 ATP-dependent RNA helicase RNA processing yes
YOR208W PTP2 XV 733924 736176 protein-tyrosine-phosphatase signal transduction of mating signal (sensu Saccharomyces) yes
YOR310C NOP58 XV 898352 896817 required for pr1.0e-18S rRNA processing rRNA modification yes
YOR329C SCD5 XV 939341 936723 suppressor of clathrin deficiency yes
YOR336W KRE5 XV 949765 953862 killer toxin-resistance protein yes
YPL031C PHO85 XVI 493033 492014 cyclin-dependent protein kinase protein phosphorylation yes
YPL036W PMA2 XVI 482839 485682 H+-transporting P-type ATPase, minor isoform, plasma membrane yes
YPL043W NOP4 XVI 469934 471991 nucleolar protein rRNA processing yes
YPL061W ALD6 XVI 432583 434085 aldehyde dehydrogenase, cytosolic carbohydrate metabolism yes
YPL069C BTS1 XVI 423887 422880 geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase yes
YPL086C ELP3 XVI 386441 384768 subunit of elongator/RNAPII holoenzyme with histone acetylase activity yes
YPL106C SSE1 XVI 352270 350189 heat shock protein of HSP70 family protein folding yes
YPL129W ANC1 XVI 305297 306136 TFIIF subunit (transcription initiation factor), 30 kD transcription initiation from Pol II promoter yes
YPL175W SPT14 XVI 218629 220087 N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase GPI anchor synthesis yes
YPL210C SRP72 XVI 156229 154289 signal recognition particle protein yes
YPL213W LEA1 XVI 150613 151329 U2 A' snRNP protein mRNA splicing yes
YPL239W YAR1 XVI 99484 100086 ankyrin repeat-containing protein biological_process unknown yes
YPL242C IQG1 XVI 95109 90622 similarity to human RasGAP-related protein (IQGAP-family) cytokinesis yes
YPL243W SRP68 XVI 88517 90316 signal recognition particle protein yes
YPR051W MAK3 XVI 664955 665485 N-acetyltransferase yes
YPR072W NOT5 XVI 690102 691784 component of the NOT protein complex transcription yes
YPR088C SRP54 XVI 713024 711399 signal recognition particle subunit yes
YPR104C FHL1 XVI 736430 733620 transcriptional activator of the forkhead/hnf3 family rRNA processing yes
YPR133C XVI 797205 795973 biological_process unknown yes
YPR133W-A TOM5 XVI 797552 797704 mitochondrial outer membrane protein mitochondrial translocation yes
YPR159W KRE6 XVI 857578 859740 glucan synthase subunit yes
YPR163C TIF3 XVI 869950 868640 translation initiation factor eIF4B protein synthesis initiation yes
YPR165W RHO1 XVI 875363 875992 GTP-binding protein of the rho subfamily of ras-like proteins establishment of cell polarity (sensu Saccharomyces) yes
YPR191W QCR2 XVI 919376 920482 ubiquinol--cytochrome-c reductase 40KD chain II yes
YPR198W SGE1 XVI 934029 935660 drug resistance protein yes

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