Class IIIa Candidates in the Yeast Deletion and Mitochondria (YDPM) Database
The number of ORFs found in the set = 214
ORF Gene Chromosome Start Coord Stop Coord CYGD description SGD description
YAL039C CYC3 I 69527 68718 holocytochrome-c synthase (cytochrome c heme lyase)
YAL044C GCV3 I 58485 57952 glycine decarboxylase, subunit H glycine metabolism
YBL007C SLA1 II 216327 212593 cytoskeleton assembly control protein cell wall organization and biogenesis
YBL021C HAP3 II 182056 181622 CCAAT-binding factor subunit transcription
YBL038W MRPL16 II 146149 146847 ribosomal protein of the large subunit, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YBL045C COR1 II 135478 134105 ubiquinol--cytochrome-c reductase 44K core protein
YBL080C PET112 II 74689 73064 required to maintain rho+ mitochondrial DNA
YBL090W MRP21 II 48819 49352 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein protein biosynthesis
YBL099W ATP1 II 37045 38682 F1F0-ATPase complex, F1 alpha subunit ATP synthesis coupled proton transport
YBL100C II 37295 36981 biological_process unknown
YBR003W COQ1 II 242770 244191 hexaprenyl pyrophosphate synthetase precursor ubiquinone metabolism
YBR026C (MRF1) II 293978 292836 mitochondrial respiratory function protein respiration
YBR035C PDX3 II 306914 306228 pyridoxamine-phosphate oxidase
YBR037C SCO1 II 311410 310523 involved in stabilization of COX1P and COX2P protein complex assembly
YBR044C TCM62 II 326019 324298 chaperone required for assembly of mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase protein complex assembly
YBR163W DEM1 II 565681 567438 weak similarity to PTA1P (pre-tRNA processing protein) biological_process unknown
YBR179C FZO1 II 589072 586505 required for biogenesis of mitochondria mitochondrion organization and biogenesis
YCR003W MRPL32 III 118614 119165 ribosomal protein YmL32. mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YCR009C RVS161 III 131536 130739 similarity to human amphiphysin and RVS167P endocytosis
YCR028C-A RIM1 III 173432 172942 ssDNA-binding protein, mitochondrial
YCR071C IMG2 III 240535 240095 required for Integrity of Mitochondrial Genome
YDL032W IV 393686 393997 biological_process unknown
YDL033C IV 393908 392655
YDL044C MTF2 IV 375285 373963 mitochondrial protein involved in mRNA splicing and protein synthesis mRNA processing
YDL067C COX9 IV 334395 334216 cytochrome-c oxidase chain VIIA
YDL068W IV 333499 333828 biological_process unknown
YDL069C CBS1 IV 333821 333120 translational activator of COB mRNA protein biosynthesis
YDL104C QRI7 IV 274875 273652 biological_process unknown
YDL198C YHM1 IV 104552 103650 member of the mitochondrial carrier family (MCF) transport
YDL202W MRPL11 IV 98476 99225 ribosomal protein of the large subunit, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YDR079W PET100 IV 603058 603393 cytochrome-c oxidase assembly protein cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis
YDR114C IV 682219 681917 biological_process unknown
YDR116C IV 683574 682717 biological_process unknown
YDR148C KGD2 IV 755059 753668 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex E2 component tricarboxylic acid cycle
YDR197W CBS2 IV 851220 852389 cytochrome B translational activator protein protein biosynthesis
YDR204W COQ4 IV 858129 859136 ubiquinone metabolism
YDR230W IV 926214 926561 biological_process unknown
YDR231C COX20 IV 926901 926284 in the maturation and assembly of cytochrome oxidase involved protein respiration
YDR237W MRPL7 IV 936606 937484 protein biosynthesis
YDR268W MSW1 IV 1003995 1005134 tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase, mitochondrial
YDR270W CCC2 IV 1005666 1008680 probable copper-transporting ATPase
YDR337W MRPS28 IV 1146309 1147169 ribosomal protein of the small subunit, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YDR350C TCM10 IV 1178163 1176328 hypothetical protein biological_process unknown
YDR388W RVS167 IV 1250175 1251623 reduced viability upon starvation protein endocytosis
YDR462W MRPL28 IV 1386062 1386505 protein biosynthesis
YDR477W SNF1 IV 1412360 1414261 carbon catabolite derepressing ser/thr protein kinase protein phosphorylation
YDR494W IV 1436917 1437783 biological_process unknown
YDR507C GIN4 IV 1465789 1462361 ser/thr protein kinase protein phosphorylation
YDR509W IV 1468229 1468576 biological_process unknown
YDR512C IV 1471066 1470503 biological_process unknown
YDR518W EUG1 IV 1478611 1480164 protein disulfide isomerase
YDR533C IV 1502163 1501450 biological_process unknown
YEL024W RIP1 V 107260 107907 ubiquinol--cytochrome-c reductase iron-sulfur protein precursor
YEL050C RML2 V 60851 59670 ribosomal L2 protein, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YER017C AFG3 V 191787 189502 protease of the SEC18/CDC48/PAS1 family of ATPases (AAA) protein complex assembly
YER028C V 211875 210691 similarity to MIG1P biological_process unknown
YER050C RSM18 V 254578 253970 component of the mitochondrial ribosomal small subunit
YER058W PET117 V 271766 272089 cytochrome c oxidase assembly factor cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis
YER061C CEM1 V 279624 278296 beta-keto-acyl-ACP synthase, mitochondrial hexadecanal biosynthesis
YER122C GLO3 V 404348 402867 zinc finger protein ER to Golgi transport
YER141W COX15 V 453454 454914 cytochrome oxidase assembly factor cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis
YER153C PET122 V 474800 474036 translational activator of cytochrome c oxidase subunit III protein biosynthesis
YFL016C MDJ1 VI 106230 104695 heat shock protein - chaperone protein folding
YFL018C LPD1 VI 103121 101622 dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase precursor serine biosynthesis
YGL064C VII 383206 381521 similarity to YLR276c and YKR024c biological_process unknown
YGL071W RCS1 VII 372010 374082 iron-regulated transcriptional repressor iron transport
YGL095C VPS45 VII 330605 328872 vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein Golgi to vacuole transport
YGL107C VII 306271 304331 biological_process unknown
YGL115W SNF4 VII 292031 292999 nuclear regulatory protein
YGL129C RSM23 VII 269192 267726 similarity to S.pombe hypothetical protein SPBC29A3.15C - putative mitochondrial function
YGL237C HAP2 VII 53528 52731 CCAAT-binding factor subunit
YGR062C COX18 VII 617272 616322 required for activity of mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis
YGR076C MRPL25 VII 637571 637098 protein biosynthesis
YGR102C VII 695129 694578 biological_process unknown
YGR112W SHY1 VII 717352 718521 SURF homologue protein respiration
YGR150C VII 793048 790454 biological_process unknown
YGR165W VII 829111 830148 biological_process unknown
YGR171C MSM1 VII 842546 840819 methionyl-tRNA synthetase
YGR174C CBP4 VII 846400 845888 ubiquinol--cytochrome-c reductase assembly factor protein complex assembly
YGR183C QCR9 VII 859471 859058 ubiquinol--cytochrome-c reductase subunit 9
YGR215W RSM27 VII 922170 922502 strong similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein
YGR220C MRPL9 VII 936876 936067 ribosomal protein of the large subunit, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YGR222W PET54 VII 939916 940797 splicing protein and translational activator, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YGR255C COQ6 VII 1003958 1002519 monooxygenase ubiquinone metabolism
YHL005C VIII 99214 98822 biological_process unknown
YHL038C CBP2 VIII 25506 23614 apo-cytochrome b pre-mRNA processing protein 2
YHR008C SOD2 VIII 123583 122882 superoxide dismutase (Mn) precursor, mitochondrial
YHR011W DIA4 VIII 127772 129112 strong similarity to seryl-tRNA synthetases pseudohyphal growth
YHR116W VIII 341667 342122 biological_process unknown
YIL093C RSM25 IX 188781 187987 weak similarity to S.pombe hypothetical protein SPBC16A3
YIL125W KGD1 IX 122689 125733 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex E1 component tricarboxylic acid cycle
YIL154C (IMP2) IX 55021 53981 sugar utilization regulatory protein DNA repair
YIL157C IX 47542 46949 biological_process unknown
YIR021W MRS1 IX 397291 398382 involved in mitochondrial RNA splicing of COB mRNA mRNA splicing
YJL003W X 432336 432692 biological_process unknown
YJL022W X 397805 398113 biological_process unknown
YJL023C PET130 X 398094 397051 biological_process unknown
YJL046W X 351956 353311 similarity to E.coli lipoate-protein ligase A biological_process unknown
YJL096W MRPL49 X 245998 246672 ribosomal protein YmL49. mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YJL102W MEF2 X 230998 233457 protein synthesis elongation
YJL166W QCR8 X 106426 106710 ubiquinol--cytochrome-c reductase chain VIII
YJL180C ATP12 X 88558 87581 F1F0-ATPase complex assembly protein protein complex assembly
YJL209W CBP1 X 38005 39969 apo-cytochrome b pre-mRNA processing protein
YJR077C MIR1 X 577882 576947 phosphate transport protein, mitochondrial (MCF) phosphate transport
YJR113C RSM7 X 638668 637925 similarity to bacterial, chloroplast and mitochondrial ribosomal protein S7
YJR120W X 646819 647169 hypothetical protein biological_process unknown
YJR121W ATP2 X 647300 648835 F1F0-ATPase complex, F1 beta subunit ATP synthesis coupled proton transport
YJR144W MGM101 X 700575 701384 mitochondrial genome maintenance protein mitochondrial genome maintenance
YKL002W DID4 XI 437416 438182 class E vacuolar-protein sorting and endocytosis factor biological_process unknown
YKL016C ATP7 XI 407627 407103 F1F0-ATPase complex, FO D subunit ATP synthesis coupled proton transport
YKL055C OAR1 XI 335799 334963 putative 3-oxoacyl-(acyl carrier protein) reductase respiration
YKL087C CYT2 XI 277505 276831 holocytochrome-c1 synthase
YKL109W HAP4 XI 231870 233534 CCAAT-binding factor subunit transcription
YKL138C MRPL31 XI 185683 185288 ribosomal protein YmL31, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YKL148C SDH1 XI 171131 169209 succinate dehydrogenase flavoprotein precursor tricarboxylic acid cycle
YKL155C RSM22 XI 161344 159458 similarity to S. pombe SPAC1420.04c putative cytochrome c oxidase assembly protein
YKL167C MRP49 XI 134136 133723 ribosomal protein, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YKL208W CBT1 XI 47158 47973 apo-cytochrome b pre-mRNA processing protein
YLL006W MMM1 XII 136585 137865 required for mitochondrial shape and structure mitochondrion inheritance
YLL009C COX17 XII 131413 131204 interacts genetically with SCO1 and SCO2 in cytochrome oxidase assembly cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis
YLL018C-A COX19 XII 108971 108675 similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein (YEB7)
YLL027W ISA1 XII 87402 88154 similarity to H.influenzae and E.coli hypothetical proteins iron transport
YLL033W XII 73408 74100 biological_process unknown
YLL041C SDH2 XII 53930 53130 succinate dehydrogenase iron-sulfur protein subunit tricarboxylic acid cycle
YLR038C COX12 XII 225173 224922 cytochrome-c oxidase, subunit VIB
YLR083C EMP70 XII 296095 294092 endosomal protein
YLR091W XII 322298 323179 hypothetical protein biological_process unknown
YLR139C SLS1 XII 423474 421543 suppresses lethality of SSM4 deletion
YLR201C XII 550295 549513 biological_process unknown
YLR202C XII 550638 550196 biological_process unknown
YLR203C MSS51 XII 551962 550652 possibly involved in translational activation of COX1 and COB mRNA protein biosynthesis
YLR204W QRI5 XII 552272 552607 weak similarity to YOR309c biological_process unknown
YLR239C LIP2 XII 617318 616332 biological_process unknown
YLR304C ACO1 XII 737548 735212 aconitate hydratase tricarboxylic acid cycle
YLR368W XII 857539 859335 weak similarity to Mus musculus F-box protein FBA biological_process unknown
YLR393W ATP10 XII 907078 907917 F1F0 ATPase complex assembly protein protein complex assembly
YML061C PIF1 XIII 151532 148953 DNA helicase involved in mitochondrial DNA repair and telomere length DNA recombination
YML081C-A ATP18 XIII 104162 103983 gene for subunit i/j of the mitochondrial F1F0-ATP synthase ATP synthesis coupled proton transport
YML110C COQ5 XIII 50954 50031 ubiquinone biosynthesis, methyltransferase ubiquinone metabolism
YML120C NDI1 XIII 29807 28266 complex I (NADH to ubiquinone)
YML129C COX14 XIII 14754 14542 cytochrome-c oxidase assembly protein respiration
YMR021C MAC1 XIII 318417 317164 metal binding activator
YMR035W IMP2 XIII 341141 341674 mitochondrial inner membrane protease subunit mitochondrial processing
YMR063W RIM9 XIII 397076 397795 regulator for sporulation and invasive growth
YMR064W AEP1 XIII 397902 399458 nuclear control of ATPase messenger RNA expression protein protein biosynthesis
YMR072W ABF2 XIII 411568 412119 high mobility group protein mitochondrial genome maintenance
YMR098C XIII 462608 460770 biological_process unknown
YMR138W CIN4 XIII 545154 545729 GTP-binding protein microtubule-based process
YMR150C IMP1 XIII 562527 561955 protease, mitochondrial mitochondrial processing
YMR151W YIM2 XIII 562505 562942 biological_process unknown
YMR158W XIII 572247 572714 biological_process unknown
YMR257C PET111 XIII 782030 779628 required for translation of COX2 mRNA protein biosynthesis
YMR267W PPA2 XIII 801771 802703 inorganic pyrophosphatase, mitochondrial respiration
YMR285C NGL2 XIII 841691 840144 similarity to CCR4P biological_process unknown
YMR286W MRPL33 XIII 841942 842202 ribosomal protein of the large subunit, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YMR287C MSU1 XIII 845345 842436 3'-5' exonuclease for RNA 3' ss-tail, mitochondrial
YNL005C MRP7 XIV 622425 621310 ribosomal protein YmL2 precursor, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YNL052W COX5A XIV 531721 532182 cytochrome-c oxidase chain V.A precursor
YNL073W MSK1 XIV 488383 490113
YNL170W XIV 315975 316370 biological_process unknown
YNL177C XIV 304612 303683 similarity to hypothetical protein S. pombe biological_process unknown
YNL184C XIV 292880 292554 biological_process unknown
YNL252C MRPL17 XIV 172285 171440 ribosomal protein of the large subunit (YmL30), mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YNL315C ATP11 XIV 44279 43323 F1F0-ATPase complex assembly protein protein complex assembly
YNR020C XIV 668219 667407 similarity to hypothetical metalloproteinase S. pombe biological_process unknown
YNR036C XIV 694819 694358 biological_process unknown
YNR037C RSM19 XIV 695324 695049
YNR041C COQ2 XIV 701656 700538 para-hydroxybenzoate--polyprenyltransferase ubiquinone metabolism
YNR042W XIV 701235 701663 biological_process unknown
YNR045W PET494 XIV 706136 707605 translational activator, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YOL008W XV 310312 310935 similarity to hypothetical protein S. pombe biological_process unknown
YOL009C MDM12 XV 310139 309324 involved in mitochondrial inheritance mitochondrion inheritance
YOL027C XV 273724 272003 similarity to YPR125w biological_process unknown
YOL071W XV 196506 196994 biological_process unknown
YOL095C HMI1 XV 141346 139226 mitochondrial DNA helicase biological_process unknown
YOL096C COQ3 XV 139056 138106 enzyme of ubiquinone (coenzyme Q) biosynthesis ubiquinone metabolism
YOR065W CYT1 XV 447440 448369 oxidative phosphorylation
YOR135C XV 580499 580158 biological_process unknown
YOR136W IDH2 XV 580249 581358 isocitrate dehydrogenase (NAD+) subunit 2. mitochondrial tricarboxylic acid cycle
YOR150W MRPL23 XV 611998 612489 protein biosynthesis
YOR196C LIP5 XV 716836 715592 lipoic acid synthase fatty acid metabolism
YOR200W XV 720416 720814 biological_process unknown
YOR201C PET56 XV 721707 720469 rRNA (guanosine-2'-O-)-methyltransferase ribosomal large subunit assembly and maintenance
YOR205C XV 727233 725563 hypothetical protein biological_process unknown
YOR211C MGM1 XV 741631 738923 dynamin-like protein mitochondrion organization and biogenesis
YOR221C MCT1 XV 757830 756475 malonyl-CoA:ACP transferase fatty acid metabolism
YOR241W MET7 XV 786994 788640 tetrahydrofolylpolyglutamate synthase
YOR305W XV 889015 889743 biological_process unknown
YOR330C MIP1 XV 943455 939613 DNA-directed DNA polymerase gamma catalytic subunit, mitochondrial DNA dependent DNA replication
YOR332W VMA4 XV 943648 944349 H+-ATPase V1 domain 27 KD subunit, vacuolar vacuolar acidification
YOR333C XV 944949 944533 biological_process unknown
YOR350C MNE1 XV 994847 992856 biological_process unknown
YPL005W XVI 548481 550301 biological_process unknown
YPL013C XVI 529345 528980 strong similarity to N.crassa mitochondrial ribosomal protein S24 biological_process unknown
YPL029W SUV3 XVI 495502 497715 ATP-dependent RNA helicase, mitochondrial
YPL040C ISM1 XVI 478996 475988
YPL060W LPE10 XVI 434518 435759 mitochondrial inner membrane protein biological_process unknown
YPL078C ATP4 XVI 408739 408005 F1F0-ATPase complex, F0 subunit B ATP synthesis coupled proton transport
YPL097W MSY1 XVI 364947 366425
YPL104W MSD1 XVI 355695 357671 aspartate--tRNA ligase, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YPL118W MRP51 XVI 326627 327661 strong similarity to S.kluyveri hypothetical protein protein biosynthesis
YPL132W COX11 XVI 301715 302617 cytochrome-c oxidase assembly protein respiration
YPL172C COX10 XVI 225740 224352 farnesyl transferase heme a biosynthesis
YPL174C NIP100 XVI 222772 220166 component of the dynactin complex mitotic anaphase B
YPL183W-A XVI 199094 199375 protein biosynthesis
YPL215W CBP3 XVI 147415 148422 required for assembly of cytochrome bc1 complex protein complex assembly
YPL270W MDL2 XVI 30341 32803 ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter family member transport
YPR047W MSF1 XVI 657509 658933 phenylalanine--tRNA ligase alpha chain, mitochondrial protein biosynthesis
YPR067W ISA2 XVI 682215 682772 mitochondrial protein required for iron metabolism iron transport
YPR123C XVI 786570 786136 biological_process unknown
YPR124W CTR1 XVI 786203 787423 copper transport protein transport
YPR134W MSS18 XVI 798046 798852
YPR166C MRP2 XVI 876624 876277 ribosomal protein S14 protein biosynthesis
YPR191W QCR2 XVI 919376 920482 ubiquinol--cytochrome-c reductase 40KD chain II

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