Class III Final Nonmitochondrial Candidates in the Yeast Deletion and Mitochondria (YDPM) Database
The number of ORFs found in the set = 104
ORF Gene Chromosome Start Coord Stop Coord CYGD description SGD description
YAL012W CYS3 I 130798 131982 cystathionine gamma-lyase
YBL007C SLA1 II 216327 212593 cytoskeleton assembly control protein cell wall organization and biogenesis
YBL021C HAP3 II 182056 181622 CCAAT-binding factor subunit transcription
YBR026C (MRF1) II 293978 292836 mitochondrial respiratory function protein respiration
YBR127C VMA2 II 492780 491227 H+-ATPase V1 domain 60 KD subunit, vacuolar vacuolar acidification
YBR289W SNF5 II 779624 782341 component of SWI/SNF transcription activator complex chromatin modeling
YCL008C STP22 III 106849 105959 required for vacuolar targeting of temperature-sensitive plasma membrane proteins, STE2P and CAN1P
YCR009C RVS161 III 131536 130739 similarity to human amphiphysin and RVS167P endocytosis
YCR044C PER1 III 207942 206869 involved in manganese homeostasis
YCR065W HCM1 III 229302 230996 transcription factor
YCR081W SRB8 III 254364 258647 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II holoenzyme and Srb10 CDK subcomplex subunit repression of transcription from Pol II promoter
YDL056W MBP1 IV 352876 355377 transcription factor, subunit of the MBF factor cell cycle control
YDL106C PHO2 IV 271900 270221 homeodomain protein
YDL185W TFP1 IV 126788 130003 H+-ATPase V1 domain 69 KD catalytic subunit, vacuolar vacuolar acidification
YDR069C DOA4 IV 587714 584934 ubiquitin-specific protease deubiquitylation
YDR129C SAC6 IV 715372 713333 actin filament bundling protein, fimbrin endocytosis
YDR195W REF2 IV 848591 850192 RNA 3'-end formation protein
YDR225W HTA1 IV 915521 915919 histone H2A
YDR270W CCC2 IV 1005666 1008680 probable copper-transporting ATPase
YDR276C PMP3 IV 1013634 1013467 sensitive to natrium cation transport
YDR293C SSD1 IV 1049383 1045631 involved in the tolerance to high concentration of Ca2+ cell cycle
YDR323C PEP7 IV 1114019 1112472 vacuolar segregation protein non-selective vesicle fusion
YDR388W RVS167 IV 1250175 1251623 reduced viability upon starvation protein endocytosis
YDR477W SNF1 IV 1412360 1414261 carbon catabolite derepressing ser/thr protein kinase protein phosphorylation
YDR484W SAC2 IV 1422750 1424675 suppressor of actin mutation actin filament-based process
YDR495C VPS3 IV 1441153 1438118 vacuolar sorting protein
YDR507C GIN4 IV 1465789 1462361 ser/thr protein kinase protein phosphorylation
YDR518W EUG1 IV 1478611 1480164 protein disulfide isomerase
YDR519W FKB2 IV 1480428 1480835 FK506/rapamycin-binding protein of the ER biological_process unknown
YEL027W CUP5 V 100769 101251 H+-ATPase V0 domain 17 KD subunit, vacuolar endocytosis
YEL029C BUD16 V 97796 96858 similarity to hypothetical protein YNR027w biological_process unknown
YEL051W VMA8 V 58378 59148 H+-ATPsynthase V1 domain 32 KD subunit, vacuolar vacuolar acidification
YER068W MOT2 V 293048 294811 transcriptional repressor mating (sensu Saccharomyces)
YER110C KAP123 V 382099 378758 RAN-binding protein
YER122C GLO3 V 404348 402867 zinc finger protein ER to Golgi transport
YFR019W FAB1 VI 184489 191325 phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate 5-kinase vacuole organization and biogenesis
YFR034C PHO4 VI 225945 225007
YGL025C PGD1 VII 450055 448760 mediator complex subunit transcription from Pol II promoter
YGL071W RCS1 VII 372010 374082 iron-regulated transcriptional repressor iron transport
YGL115W SNF4 VII 292031 292999 nuclear regulatory protein
YGL135W RPL1B VII 254644 255297 60S large subunit ribosomal protein protein biosynthesis
YGL167C PMR1 VII 190472 187620 Ca2+-transporting P-type ATPase transport
YGL237C HAP2 VII 53528 52731 CCAAT-binding factor subunit
YGL240W DOC1 VII 48514 49365 component of the anaphase promoting complex ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation
YGR105W VMA21 VII 698593 698826 ATPase assembly integral membrane protein vacuolar acidification
YGR167W CLC1 VII 832451 833152 clathrin light chain
YGR178C PBP1 VII 853210 851042 PAB1P interacting protein mRNA processing
YGR180C RNR4 VII 856296 855259 ribonucleotide reductase small subunit DNA replication
YGR229C SMI1 VII 950891 949374 beta-1.3-glucan synthesis protein
YHL025W SNF6 VIII 54848 55846 global transcription activator chromatin modeling
YHR013C ARD1 VIII 131438 130722 protein N-acetyltransferase subunit protein acetylation
YHR026W PPA1 VIII 160835 161476 H+-ATPase 23 KD subunit, vacuolar vacuolar acidification
YHR179W OYE2 VIII 462498 463700 NADPH dehydrogenase (old yellow enzyme), isoform 1
YIL128W MET18 IX 113806 116904 involved in NER repair and RNA polymerase II transcription transcription from Pol II promoter
YJL029C VPS53 X 390549 388081 subunit of VP52-54 complex, required for protein sorting at the yeast late Golgi
YJL121C RPE1 X 190790 190074 D-ribulose-5-phosphate 3-epimerase
YJL155C FBP26 X 130341 128983 fructose-2.6-bisphosphatase
YJL176C SWI3 X 94527 92050 transcription regulatory protein chromatin modeling
YJR040W GEF1 X 507438 509777 voltage-gated chloride channel protein transport
YKL041W VPS24 XI 359783 360457 endosomal Vps protein complex subunit
YKL080W VMA5 XI 284672 285850 H+-ATPase V1 domain 42 KD subunit, vacuolar vacuolar acidification
YKL109W HAP4 XI 231870 233534 CCAAT-binding factor subunit transcription
YKL119C VPH2 XI 218860 218213 H+-ATPase assembly protein vacuolar acidification
YKR001C VPS1 XI 442360 440246 member of the dynamin family of GTPases protein-vacuolar targeting
YLR025W SNF7 XII 194453 195175 class E Vps protein
YLR027C AAT2 XII 198128 196830 aspartate aminotransferase, cytosolic aspartate catabolism
YLR056W ERG3 XII 253862 254959 C-5 sterol desaturase ergosterol biosynthesis
YLR083C EMP70 XII 296095 294092 endosomal protein
YLR087C CSF1 XII 315732 306856 weak similarity to hypothetical protein D. melanogaster biological_process unknown
YLR148W PEP3 XII 434642 437398 vacuolar membrane protein
YLR182W SWI6 XII 517942 520353 transcription factor cell cycle
YLR262C YPT6 XII 668891 668244 GTP-binding protein of the rab family
YLR268W SEC22 XII 680200 680844 synaptobrevin (V-SNARE) non-selective vesicle fusion
YLR377C FBP1 XII 874791 873745 fructos1.0e-1.6-bisphosphatase gluconeogenesis
YLR396C VPS33 XII 912309 910234 vacuolar sorting protein
YLR447C VMA6 XII 1027888 1026851 H+-ATPase V0 domain 36 KD subunit, vacuolar vacuolar acidification
YMR021C MAC1 XIII 318417 317164 metal binding activator
YMR054W STV1 XIII 383302 385974 H+-ATPase V0 domain 102 KD subunit, not vacuolar vacuolar acidification
YMR058W FET3 XIII 388821 390731 cell surface ferroxidase, high affinity high affinity iron transport
YMR138W CIN4 XIII 545154 545729 GTP-binding protein microtubule-based process
YMR167W MLH1 XIII 594885 597194 DNA mismatch repair protein DNA repair
YMR202W ERG2 XIII 667536 668204 C-8 sterol isomerase ergosterol biosynthesis
YMR280C CAT8 XIII 831329 827028 transcription factor involved in gluconeogenesis gluconeogenesis
YNL117W MLS1 XIV 406355 408019 malate synthase 1 glyoxylate cycle
YNL259C ATX1 XIV 157864 157643 antioxidant protein and metal homeostasis factor oxidative stress response
YNR006W VPS27 XIV 636983 638851 vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein
YOL001W PHO80 XV 325249 326130 cyclin cell cycle
YOL081W IRA2 XV 171069 180308 GTPase-activating protein for RAS proteins
YOR014W RTS1 XV 357673 359946 potential regulatory subunit of protein phosphatase 2A protein biosynthesis
YOR036W PEP12 XV 400347 401213 syntaxin (T-SNARE), vacuolar Golgi to vacuole transport
YOR290C SNF2 XV 860254 855143 component of SWI/SNF global transcription activator complex chromatin modeling
YOR332W VMA4 XV 943648 944349 H+-ATPase V1 domain 27 KD subunit, vacuolar vacuolar acidification
YOR358W HAP5 XV 1010154 1010882 CCAAT-binding factor subunit respiration
YOR360C PDE2 XV 1014814 1013234 high affinity 3',5'-cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase
YPL031C PHO85 XVI 493033 492014 cyclin-dependent protein kinase protein phosphorylation
YPL042C SSN3 XVI 474702 473035 cyclin-dependent CTD kinase protein phosphorylation
YPL045W VPS16 XVI 467255 469651 vacuolar sorting protein protein-vacuolar targeting
YPL065W VPS28 XVI 427922 428650 involved in vacuolar traffic
YPL174C NIP100 XVI 222772 220166 component of the dynactin complex mitotic anaphase B
YPL234C TFP3 XVI 105440 104946 H+-ATPase V0 domain 17 KD subunit, vacuolar vacuolar acidification
YPL254W HFI1 XVI 69485 70951 transcriptional coactivator transcription
YPR036W VMA13 XVI 643831 645267 vacuolar acidification
YPR124W CTR1 XVI 786203 787423 copper transport protein transport
YPR173C VPS4 XVI 887832 886519 vacuolar sorting protein

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